The world’s most beautiful gardens

If you are lovers of natural beauty, then you should not overlook the picturesque gardens and most unique in the world.

1. Flower Garden Kew, London

Built from 1759, the Royal Kew gardens in London has now been extended up to 132ha with over 50,000 diverse plant species and more than 7 million dried plant material. In addition to the botanical gardens, Kew also has a library containing more than 750,000 books, 175,000 prints and drawings illustrate the plants. Kew Gardens is also home flowers attractive leading tourists in London.


2. Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Amsterdam the capital, about 40 minute bus ride away, in the town of Lisse Keukenhof was voted as one of the most beautiful spring garden in the world with over 7 million flowers like tulips, narcissus, hyacinth …


3. Suan Nong Nooch Garden flowers, Thailand

Opened in 1980, Suan Nong Nooch is not only Thailand’s most beautiful gardens, but also as one of the most popular gardens in the world. At Nong Nooch Pardise has many beautiful gardens, with groves of palm, cycads giant, along with Thailand’s largest orchid garden is trimmed chin chu. Not only beautiful, tropical garden complete built as a self-contained resort with restaurants, luxury resorts for travelers staying and performing arts theater.


4. Flower gardens of Versailles, France

Founded by King Louis the 14th in 1661, the Versailles gardens (Garden of Versailles) is the Rooftop Garden of France and has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage in 1979, along with the Palace of Versailles. This is a landscape garden with extremely impressed with the resonance of architecture, beautiful sculptures and the trees that were trimmed, cleverly arranged.


5. Flower Garden Butchart, Canada

Butchart Gardens is derived from a small garden of Jenny Butchart family and Robert Butchart. From the old limestone quarry area adjacent to his house, Mrs. Jenny Butchart Suken created beautiful gardens. To date, Butchart gardens have become popular tourist destination with more than one million Canadian Most tourists who visit annually.


6. Desert Botanical Garden , Phoenix, Arizona
Desert Botanical Gardens in Arizona have collections spectacular desert plants in the world with about 17,000 kinds. Especially, in the garden there is a botanical research center 13.700m2 deserts, a library, laboratories, plant conservation, and research facilities.


7. Yuyuan Garden, China
Garden Park was built about 400 years ago in the Ming Dynasty by Mr. Phan Doan Doan (Pan Yunduan) as governor of Sichuan Province in 1559 to build signaling parents should donate named Garden, where “members “is a garden and” project “means peace and health.


8. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, Florida
This conservation garden and in a lot of different varieties from various regions of the world at Fairchild as South Florida, the Caribbean, the islands of Oceania, Africa and Madagascar. At Fairchild also has research centers perennial palm species in the world.


9. Space Research Park, Scotland
Unlike the flower garden trees, beautiful flowers and more, this garden is based on mathematics and science with nature hocphoi and artificial lakes. Here, there are many works describe the universe, artificial trees and fool the eye shape is very interesting. It was built by American scientists and his wife-Mrs Charles Jencks at home nhaPortrack Maggie, Dumfries, Scotland in 1989.


10. Jardin Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech, Morocco
Covers the whole garden is cobalt blue and green, which makes it different from all other tropical gardens. The garden was created by French painter Jacques Majorelle in 1920. Currently, the new owner of the garden is a famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.