Journey tour the islands in Scotland

European tour is one of the excursions are world travelers are most concerned about the first half of 2014. One of the countries covered in this journey attract significant numbers of tourists to visit the beauty Scotland’s unspoiled grandeur.


Not only famous for its beautiful castles in fairy tales, the men dressed trumpeters marching on the streets full of fun, but the terrain with more than 790 islands with an area of more than 10% full the European coastline is one of the reasons Footbinding tourists to the country this gentle mist. If you are planning to go to Europe and visit Scotland, here are a few suggestions to help you discover particularly amazing islands in this country:

Explore history: Island Mainland Orkney Islands

2Located in the North of Scotland, Orkney is an archipelago of about 70 islands are different, and the island is the largest island with an area Mainland No. 10 in the UK. It is one of the islands have a long history of World superlative stretches over 4500 years, people have settled here have at least 8500 years ago. In particular, a large island to the west of Mainland visitors, you will have the opportunity to visit the “Heart of Neolithic Orkney – Heart of Neolithic Orkney” has been recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1999. This is a relic from prehistoric times to the area include the ancient tombs Maeshowe with several rooms, including the circular stone pillars used to erect ceremonial Skara Brae and the village – home of the ancient people of Neolithic. Area Maeshowe built around 2800 BC, is considered the masterpiece of the Neolithic period and also the most beautiful ancient tombs northwest Europe. Built entirely of stone slabs weighing up to three tonnes, which is almost intact despite the time and devastating natural disasters. Here you can see firsthand the life and mores exciting wild man 5000 years ago the ancient cultures admirable ancient people of Scotland.

Journey walk: Isle of Arran

3Dubbed as “Scotland in miniature”,, Arran is the 7th largest island in Scotland with an area of 432 km2 and about 5058 people live. Located just outside the city of Galway to the west of Scotland, with unique mountainous terrain but quite flat, along the granite ridge dominates the landscape has turned the place into one of the ideal places to walk to Scotland . Is considered a “paradise geology”, the island of Arran impressed by the mystery of the stone circle Machrie Moor, territories gorgeous red sandstone and the dazzling, … Besides, majestic hills Goatfell 874 m high is an ideal venue for the day walking journey. It takes about 5 hours from Brodick Castle, the road to the top is relatively flat and easy, you can quickly reach the top of the hill and see the entire island of Arran or even country Ireland gorgeous. Alternatively, wander along the 65-mile coastline on the island, watching the blue beaches, imposing cliffs beside waterfalls and caves full of mystery will surely make your trip more enjoyable and entirety.

Culinary Destination: Isle of Skye

4Not only famous beauty full of fog and wild fanciful, Skye Island is also known as one of Scotland’s culinary paradise. Is famous for the quality of meat and cheese of a Scottish, Skye arriving guests not only admire the majestic beauty of the island, but also enjoy special dishes such as smoked fish Skye, the fresh raspberries wild, whiskyTalisker famous wine or attend a party island lamb delicious local fresh. One of the restaurants can not fail to mention the island of Skye’s Three Chimneys restaurant – where the magazine Restaurant Magazine put on the list of top 50 most popular restaurants World. With a modest area, located next to the coastline, this place is famous for scallop dish greasy, sweet lobster meat dishes and fresh seafood flavor Scotland.

Enjoy whiskey: Islay Island

5Famous for the production of whiskey with delicious malt flavor and most powerful World, Islay is now considered production centers whiskey distillery with 8 different wines. Climate is influenced by “the salt wind”, rough terrain and barren, so this place filled whiskey peat flavor strong and unique taste of the sea. The three most famous distillery on the island including Ardbeg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig, the common point of all three is the use of peat for energy production strong whiskey bottle with glass smoky flavor unmistakable classic . Visit the island of Islay and make the journey to visit the winery, learn the process of distilling and malt whiskey tasting the famous smoky taste here will surely be a highlight of the trip interesting to experience the beauty of Scotland yours