Experience Gifu – masterpieces of nature in Chiba, Japan

Located in central Japan, Gifu marked with guests by the majestic beauty of the mountains interspersed definition of peace of the beautiful old village.

The majestic scenery of the mountains and forests account for more than 80% of the area has turned into a Gifu natural masterpiece of the Japanese. From Tokyo to Gifu only takes 3 hours to move by road. It is famous for the crystal-clear stream Nagara River, surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges make up the landscape just as romantic, just peace.


Back to the past 300 years the ancient village of Shirakawa-go

Gifu City is the provincial capital of Chubu Gifu. Unlike the vibrant lifestyle, bustling in the big city, Gifu quite peaceful and bring nostalgic look of ancient Japan.

Gifu is the highlight of the historic village Shirakawa-go, meaning “river of white villages”, is located in northern Gifu Prefecture. The village was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage since 1995. This is one of the most ancient Japanese village with 100 thatched house, with unique architecture. Due to the special geographical position, situated at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, the houses here were brought steep pyramid, like two hands cupped together. Every year, Shirakawa-go snow lasts dense than 5 months. Therefore, the design aims to prevent steep heavy snow on the roof closed. The ancient village Shirakawa-go is like real wonderland, where space and time stops to give way to peace.


Although each year about two million tourists visit, Shirakawa-go is still protected from being exploited for indiscriminate tourism. Currently, this ancient village was included in the list of heritage need special protection in Japan.

Takayama peace Mountains

Most of the main attractions of Gifu Prefecture concentrated in the northern region with the famous town and the valley shokawa Takayama. On the way to Takayama, visitors will go through a very beautiful village with houses with fancy shapes.

Supply lines from the city of Takayama in Gifu to dreaming with cars winding between two tributaries Hida, across cities and small villages along the way. Hida-Kanayama village located in the Hida river, seems quaint houses with tile roofs peaceful.


In the old town, also known Sanmachi street called Hida Takayama old town is one of the attractions visitors should not miss coming here. Hida’s ancient city center and the city’s castle is considered the place of Takayama commercial development. There are many shops selling candy, shop crafts, wine shops and famous dishes like sticky rice cake Mitarashi local Dango, beef Hidagyu. Guests can just walk and enjoy choice food or souvenirs in the shops along the street.

Gifu is one of the attractive destinations located in Chubu, where visitors can leisurely feel fly in space time deposits, characteristic of ancient Japan.