Cafe style ‘handstand’ in Germany

A coffee shop in Germany has become “media stars” and attracts visitors thanks style furniture upside down all inside and out.

Toppels cafe in Wertheim, Germany opened in February and quickly became popular, attracting customers thanks to its stylish upside down, according to Metro.

The house is completely overturned, located in the lower part of the roof, while the floor is at the top. The interior as well as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens are reversed.

Many visitors said they like standing on the ceiling and interesting feeling. Toppels a lot of diners photographed and posted on social networks.


This is not the first house upside down style. In the world there are many similar ideas museums and scientific research centers Myrtle Beach, Panama Beach in Florida (USA), Haus steht Kopf house (Austria), Die Welt steht Kopf house in village Trassenheide, Usedom island (Germany) …