Berlin picturesque autumn in the eyes of Vietnam

Compared to other major cities in Europe such as Paris, Rome, autumn in Berlin (Germany) is somewhat more peaceful and romantic.


Le Vu Ha is a graduate student living and studying in Berlin. He shared, the Germans do not want their capital, crowded with modern skyscrapers. Instead, Berlin there is even a 20-hectare forest in the heart (Tiergarten) as the green lung of the city and the residential area is always interspersed with parks.


You can easily find a shady garden for the kids to play or relax and read books while living in Berlin.


Standing on top of the tower victory (Victory Column) in the middle of the Tiergarten park, you can see the entire city of Berlin were put on a dazzling robes.


You will never forget the flaming fence footsteps in gold leaf, blue sky and chilly wind.


Fall of Berlin also makes people become more romantic and sensitive than ever. Enjoy this time in Berlin would be a very good impression on the European journey of discovery. Berlin picturesque autumn in the eyes of Vietnam


These splendid yellow leaves against the sky blue or alone took the last rays are most familiar image in the autumn. Tidbits stand under trees, you will be attracted by the bright beams of gold leaf.


The doorway and discoloration over time.


Autumn Leaves is also adorned with all the different color tones, but all are gentle and romantic.


In travels to Berlin, you can also visit the city of Potsdam about 30 km from Berlin. It took only about 30 minutes away by train, you will be overwhelmed with many ancient palaces and famous park in Potsdam (Park Sanssousi) where honored by UNESCO as cultural heritage of mankind and is also one of the the most beautiful parks in the world.


If to Berlin in the fall, you will not regret it because it really is an ideal city to fully enjoy a beautiful autumn dream.