Autumn grass watching the color change to Japan

Hitachi Kaihin park (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) in the fall, we will see the range of colors from green to red switch, then dyed crimson petal both hills.

Hitachi Seaside Park (Ibaraki Prefecture) is a tour not to miss for anyone coming to Japan in the fall. With an area of over 3.5 hectares, the park is always gorgeous thanks fields bloom year round.

Instead of planting alternating, at Hitachi, each hill are planting a flower, forming a characteristic markings. We take turns blooming brilliant in every season, that visitors surprised in front of green hills full of dreamy flowers. Many people feel like being immersed in the ocean immensity, as if the sky were laid down to the ground.

Come here in autumn, you will admire Kochia grass looks like hundreds of fluff in the wind stream, glowing red in cool weather receiver.


Kochia discolored grass is very unique grasses. Kochia grows into a spherical dust round, green leaves. Go fall foliage turns brilliant red. Popular Kochia sun, heat very drought tolerant, can grow on a variety of soil types.

Fall into the leaves in fresh bright green hills Miharashi switch to the red petal. Kochia red carpet reflecting the vast blue sky is wonderful.


Time can watch the grass Kochia discoloration is from late September to the end of October, when the grass starts turning red from blue. Image color from blue to red summer autumn gently expresses nostalgia moments summer memories.

Between October is also time Kochia dyed crimson grass hill Miharashi face. Foothills butterfly flowers swaying in the wind, and Kochia petal fall colors make up the park harbor framework Hitachi Kaihin dreaming, attractive.

Last October, a blaze of color Kochia grass sparkling golden in the afternoon sun. This is a beautiful sight worth seeing, but little is known of Miharashi hill.


In addition to the flower hill, the space around the hill are arranged very clever and subtle, leading the viewer to go through the beautiful scenery. The climate here is always fresh cool, enabling the flavor shine blooming flowers.

The most interesting is rent a bike path running around the flower and slowly release eye panoramic view exquisiteness. Do not miss the opportunity to come to Japan this fall to visit the hills and brilliant Kochia.